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13 Ocean Nails: Chill by the Summer Beach

What would come into your head when we talk about summer? Hot weather and sea wind, watermelon and coconut, beach and sunshine... a season of lots of joy! For this page we are going to enjoy 11 ocean nails, done with KADS stamping plates and nail stickers. Are you ready to chill with us by the summer beach?
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10 Yummy Ice Cream Nails for a Cool Summer

Who could resist one bite of smooth ice cream on a sweltering summer day? It's the perfect summer treat. Wearing ice cream nails is a fun way to carry your love of this frozen treat into your daily life. Today we are going to share 10 yummy ice cream nail designs for this page, done with KADS Stamping Plates and Nail Sticker. Come and grab some nail inspiration, cool your nails with this frozen treat!
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16 Fruit Nails for a Cool Summer『KADS Nail Art』

Fruit nails are fresh and cool, perfect for summer and fit to any nail shape. You could almost smell the juicy fragrance when putting these delicious fruits on your nails. Today, let's enjoy various fruits done with KADS nail products! We are going to share 16 fruit nails made by nail stamping, nail sticker and hand painting, together with some 3D fruits made by gel, rhinestone and soft ceramics!
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21 of the Prettiest Butterfly Nails Done with KADS Stamping Plates and Nail Sticker

Butterflies are probably one of the most beautiful creatures on earth. Butterfly nails are also one of the most popular nail trends. It can be done in many easy ways, such as nail stamping and nail stickers. We have collected 28 of the prettiest butterfly nails done with KADS Stamping Plates and Nail Sticker, which are perfect for those who can barely do hand-painting. Check this page if your are a butterfly lover!
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32 Cute Nails for Children's Day Done with KADS Stamping Plate Immaturity

We can celebrate this important Children's day by wearing cute nails designed with childhood images! And we shall never miss KADS Stamping Plate Immaturity series, there are more than enough cute images on these plates, like games, circus, unicorn, origami, rainbow, ice-cream and more!!! For this page we are going to share some of these cute nails done with KADS Stamping Plate Immaturity series, perfect for Children's Day! Let's enjoy!
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Camouflage Nails: 9 Cool Designs

It is currently a cool trend to wear camo nails, and for today's share, we have prepared 9 cool designs, 8 of which are done with KADS Stamping Plate Fashion 061, a plate full of camo patterns. One is made with KADS Nail Art Transfer Sticker 10. Don't miss if you are a camo fan.
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Summer Nails: Mix and Match『KADS Nail Art』

It's nearly summer! Have you get yourself ready for the summer yet? Why not start with a fresh set of summer nails? There's no season more suitable than summer to mix and match all these vibrant colors with trendy designs. Curves and frames, lines and dots, French tips, checker patterns, we want them all! Check out these summer nail designs below. Let's mix and match with KADS most popular gel polishes! 
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Special & Cool Niche Nail Designs『KADS Nail Art』

While nail art has become an everyday thing, it has also gradually become some sort of individualized self-expression. Everyone is different in their personality and aesthetics. If you are tired of a regular manicure, try some niche nail designs. We have collected some of the best nail ideas which belong to a few people. Unlike the mainstream nail designs, they are less popular but totally worth a try.
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Holiday Nail Ideas『KADS Nail Art』

Do we have the time to experiment with nail art other than the holidays? For holidays, it is always a“must” to prepare yourself with a set of fresh new nails. From simple to complex, there is always a nail look that suits you into style. Here we have 10 types of festive ideas that are guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit. You could always obtain inspirations with KADS products.
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Lovely Nails for Early Summer『KADS Nail Art』

It's now almost May, which means it's time to plan your nails for the early summer. A set of  lovely nails can quickly get you into the right mood for the warm weather in May. You could choose to have lovely patterns with KADS stamping plates or KADS nail stickers, or to have lovely colors with KADS nail polishes. Check this page and we're going to share with you some lovely designs for early summer!
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