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By KADS | 08 September 2023 | 0 Comments

Small Details Make a Big Difference | 13 Frame Designs that Make your Nails Shine!【KADSNailArt】

Small Details Make a Big Difference | 13 Frame Designs that Make your Nails Shine!【KADSNailArt】

Summer Frames

Summer is going to an end!
Let’s seize the day and have some summer nails with green leaves and delicate frames!
Add a touch of sophistication to you outfit!

KADS Stamping Plate Flower 064
KADS 2023 Spring Collection Ivory Cream
KADS New Bottle Stamping Polish 38 48 G02

KADS Stamping Plate Summer 007&Fashion 050
KADS New Bottle Stamping Polish 38 40
KADS Metallic Stamping Polish G06 
KADS Jelly Polish Cloud Dancer

KADS Stamping Plate Min 002
KADS New Bottle Stamping Polish 38 G02
KADS Gel Polish 90Q
Autumn Frame

Autumn is approaching, are you looking for some autumn inspiration?
 In the cooler weather, the main colors are all of warm tones such as red, orange and yellow!
Remember to add to it a gold frame, which will make a big difference to your nails!

KADS Stamping Plate Flower 045
KADS New Bottle Stamping Polish 13 
KADS Pearlescent Stamping Polish Z10

KADS Stamping Plate Flower 043
KADS New Bottle Stamping Polish 40
KADS Jelly Polish Lemon Curry, Martini Olive
KADS Mirror Powder Gold
KADS Gold Foils
Leopard Frame

Stylish leopard print are on trend all year round,
but if you want to stand out from the same designs,
try to start from this gold frame!

KADS Stamping Plate Fashion 069
KADS New Bottle Stamping Polish C02 G02 15 33
KADS Gel Polish 26C
KADS Nail Decorations

KADS Stamping Plate Fashion 069
KADS New Bottle Stamping Polish 46 47 C02 G02
Classic Frame

Butterflies, flowers and birds, twigs with fruits...
These patterns are super elegant with the blessing of a gold frame!
It also adds some weight to the whole design, which can match to some gorgeous outfit!

KADS Stamping Plate Chinese 029
KADS Gel Polish 101 208
KADS New Bottle Stamping Polish 08 19 20 25 48
KADS Stamping Polish 11 22
KADS Mirror Powder Cushion Pen 03

KADS Stamping Plate Nature 055
KADS New Bottle Stamping Polish 19 46
KADS Stamping Polish 22 23
KADS Gel Polish 10C 17C 35C 62L 92C 207
Decorations Frame

Do you like the following two frames which are made with nail pearls and nail rhinestones?
Use nail decoration like these to create a frame with a strong presence!

KADS Gel Polish 92C K221
KADS Sugar Powder White
KADS Nail Decorations
KADS Nail Transfer Sticker 24

KADS Gel Polish 92C K206 K223
KADS Laser Glitter Powder
KADS Nail Decorations 
Gel Frame

The last two are also 3d frames which are made with nail gel!
Use a mirror powder to make the gel frame shine,
or draw some stripes that echoes the whole design!

KADS Gel Polish K221
KADS Mirror Powder Cushion Pen 05
KADS Mirror Powder Green
KADS Nail Decorations

KADS Gel Polish 40C K198
KADS 24K Gold Top Coat

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