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Winter Forest · Blue Haze · Snowdrops | Stunning Manicures『KADS Nail Art』


Ocean Mist is a poetic and beautiful shade of blue, and it is what we are going to create in today’s nail art design. Apart from dotting pen, we are recommending another simpler method to create snowdrops. And to achieve an ethereal and airy feeling, you will appreciate KADS Shining Flakie Top Coat Fairy Dream.

Don't forget to watch the video at the bottom of this page. cheeky

   ① Apply the base coat and paint the whole nail with color KADS Gel Polish 78C.

②Paint some grey-blue 96C on one half of your nail.

③Blend the polishes together to achieve a gradient using the gel brush.

④Apply the top coat and cure 60s.

⑤Apply some Two in One Stamping Polish C17 to the selected image on KADS stamping plate  Nature 031 and spread the polish with a scraper. Pick up the tree design with the stamper. Don't transfer after stamping.

⑥Paint  deep blue on the same pattern quickly using KADS jelly polish Galaxy Blue. Scrape the polish throughout the design 3-4 time and then pick up.
⑦Apply it firmly on your nail.

⑧Using a nail art brush draw the edge of the trees as falling snow with the KADS Two in One Stamping Polish C01.

Finishing like this.

⑨This step is the same as the sixth one.  
⑩Using a ballpoint pen to remove excess white dots.
①①Apply it firmly on your nail.

①②Apply the top coat and cure 60s.

①③ Finish.



KADS Stamping Plate: Nature 031
KADS Nail Gel Polish: 78C, 96C
KADS Two in One Stamping Polish: C01, C17
KADS Jelly Nail Polish: Galaxy Blue
KADS Shining Flakies Top Coat


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