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By KADS | 27 April 2020 | 0 Comments

How to Use Nail Polish Remover『KADS Nail Art』


The nail polish remover is oily and odorless.Its capacity is 120ML.The size is 13x4cm.It‘s convenient to carry.

Leakproof double lids design tighter seal.

Seal by Aluminum product,prevent overflows.

Tear open the seal.

Place the lid firmly.

Soak cotton piece with KADS Odorless nail polish remover.

Cover the nails with the cotton piece and wait for 8-10s.

Wipe the nails. (One cotton piece can clean 3-4 nails)

Use cotton swab with KADS nail polish remover. 

Remover to remove the residual nail polish.

Use a cotton piece to erase the residual nail polish remover.



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