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By KADS | 01 July 2020 | 0 Comments

5 Harry Potter Nail Art Ideas『KADS Nail Art』

ig from:purebloodx

A magic trip is coming.Where is the fan of  Harry Potter?
Let's see the Harry Potter Nails!

KADS Stamping Plate: Fashion 016 & Nature 043 & Geometry 010
KADS Nail Gel Polish: 73C
KADS Two in One Stamping Polish: C17, C18
KADS Glass Bottle Nail Polish: 21

KADS Stamping Plate: Geometry 010, 017 & Travel 009 & Fashion 055
KADS Glass Bottle Nail Polish: 08, 25
KADS Two in One Stamping Polish: C01, C17
KADS Metal Stamping Polish: G06, G08

KADS Stamping Plate: Fashion 055 & Immaturity 011&013
KADS Two in One Stamping Polish: C02, C04, C17

KADS Glass Bottle Nail Polish: 08

These manicures are all amazing. Hope you enjoy themheart


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