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By KADS | 15 March 2023 | 0 Comments

11 Chrome Nails That Looks So Dreamy【KADSNailArt】

11 Chrome Nails That Looks So Dreamy【KADSNailArt】

Chrome nails has gone viral on social media
and indeed it is the most versatile and elegant nail deign
that you can wear both for an important occasions and for daily life.
I have collected 11 Chroma nails that looks so dreamy!
Keep reading if you are interested!

Chrome nails are usually seen as sophisticated, but it can also be applied into cute designs as below!


KADS Nude Nail Chrome Powder Pink Purple
KADS Gel Polish 45L 92C
KADS Solid Two Color Nail Mirror Powder 04
KADS High Gloss Nail Glitter Powder 04

Typical chrome nails as below all look elegant and dreamy, beaming a soft light like the fine pearls!
Check and see if you can get some inspirations for them!


KADS Nail Sticker KPL 018
KADS Gel Polish K207
KADS Two in One Stamping Polish C01
KADS Nude Nail Chrome Powder 11
KADS Nail Decoration

KADS Gel Polish K207
KADS Nude Nail Chrome Powder Purple
KADS Nail Silver Foil

KADS Gel Polish 90Q
KADS Nail Mirror Powder 01 05
KADS Nail Decoration

KADS Gel Polish 86C、92C、K207
KADS Nail Mirror Powder Silver, Green
KADS Nail Decoration

KADS Mica Polish Misty Rose
KADS Gel Polish 50L 92L
KADS Nude Nail Chrome Powder 001
KADS Nail Decoration Pearl

KADS Gel Polish 89C K207
KADS Aurora Nail Chrome Powder Purple Yellow
 KADS Nail Mirror Powder Silver
KADS Sugar Powder White
KADS High Gloss Nail Glitter Powder Light Blue
KADS Nail Decoration

KADS Gel Polish K207 K224 K225
KADS Nail Mirror Powder Silver
KADS Nail Decoration

KADS Gel Polish K207
KADS Nude Nail Chrome Powder 001
KADS Nail Decoration

Butterfly has always been dreamy, especially when matched with chrome nails!


KADS Stamping Plate Nature 044
KADS Two in One Stamping Polish C24
KADS Gel Polish 18C
KADS Nail Mirror Powder 07

This one is for cool girls and it is even perfect if you are a Gothic lover!


KADS Gel Polish 40C
KADS Nail Mirror Powder Cushion Pen 01
KADS Nail Decoration

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