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By KADS | 09 May 2022 | 0 Comments

The Milky Way: Galaxy Nails『KADS Nail Art』

The Milky Way: Galaxy Nails

 Are you an astrophile, a lover of stars and galaxy? Doesn’t it look incredibly beautiful to put the entire galaxy on our nails?
There are multiple ways to get that cosmic look, and for this page we are going to show you how to create a Milky Way through nail stamping.
Follow this step-to-step guide and you would be amazed by the sparkling galaxy on your nails!

Apply one layer of base color with KADS Two-in-One Stamping Polish C37.

Apply KADS Peel-Off Polish around the finger edges, ready for the later cleaning.

Put a moderate amount of KADS Two-in-One Stamping Polish C17 onto the wave pattern of KADS Stamping Plate Immaturity 027.

Put a moderate amount of KADS Laser Stamping Polish LS1 onto the star pattern of KADS Stamping Plate SKY 004.

Scrap the polish with a scraper at 45-degree angle.

Quickly pick up the stars with a stamper.

Let’s quickly return to the Immaturity 027 and scrap the polish with a scraper at 45-degree angle.

Gently stamp the stars onto the wave. Be careful if you prefer stars all on the wave.

This is how it looks.
For me it’s okay if some stars are not on the wave.

Quickly pick up this layered design, and stamp it onto the nail.
Color the blanks before stamping if you do not like the pink base popping out.

Do it all again in the same way!
Remember to fill the blanks of the design before stamping.

Stamp this layered design to the other side of the nail.

Clear off the edges with a flat head pen.

Peel off the KADS Peel-Off Polish.

Add some stars with LS1 to the scarce spot and make it more sparkling.
Fill the chipped edges with C17.

Apply a matte top coat and cure for 60s.

This is how it look.
Skip the last step if you like the current look.

To add more dimension and depth, apply a glossy top coat to the stars and wave.

The Final Look



KADS Stamping Plate SKY 004
KADS Stamping Plate Immaturity 027
KADS Two-in-One Stamping Polish C17, C37
KADS Laser Stamping Polish LS1

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