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By KADS | 07 July 2023 | 0 Comments

Surfing on Nails | Nail Ideas for KADS Stamping Plate Summer 009【KADSNailArt】

Surfing on Nails | Nail Ideas for KADS Stamping Plate Summer 009【KADSNailArt】

Summer is really here and I have always wanted to go to the beach,
feeling the ocean breeze and bathing in the sunshine!
Of course, be sure to go surfing, try paragliding and ocean dive!
For those who love the sea as much as I do,
don't miss
KADS stamping plate Summer 009!
I have collected some nail ideas for this plate, keep reading if you are interested!

KADS Stamping Plate Summer 009
KADS Gel Polish 46C 
KADS New Bottle Stamping Polish C02 08 17 19 25 39 44
KADS Stamping Polish 10

One of my favorite color combo is pink and blue!
The matte finish adds to it more texture just like a tourism poster at the seaside, isn’t it?


KADS Stamping Plate Summer 009
KADS New Bottle Stamping Polish C02 08 18 39 44 45 
KADS Stamping Polish 03

The one above may complicated but in fact,
there is no need to do any reverse stamping!
All you need is to pick up the images and stamp multiple layers!
For those who like this design, click the picture to get a tutorial!


Although summer is really exhausting but once you get to the beach,
no matter how hot the day is, you will absolutely gain a lot of energy!
People who like water sports should love this plate!
 I wonder if you have gained any inspirations from these nail designs?


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