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Special & Cool Niche Nail Designs『KADS Nail Art』

Special and Cool Niche Nail Designs
While nail art has become an everyday thing, it has also gradually become some sort of individualized self-expression.
Everyone is different in their personality and aesthetics.
If you are tired of a regular manicure, try some niche nail designs.
We have collected some of the best nail ideas which belong to a few people.
Unlike the mainstream nail designs, they are less popular but totally worth a try.
【A niche nail design can be obtained through bold use of special textures】
A heart or a donut popping out could turn the nails into a 3D look.
Check out the brilliant use of gel as a 3D nail decoration in these two designs below.
KADS Gel Nail Polish K224
KADS Mixed Color Glitter Nail Powder Sliver Purple
KADS Gel Polish 14C, 25C, 33C, 65C, 92C, 113, K204, K225
KADS Nail Rhinestone
KADS Nail Decoration Pearl
Sequins or glitters could also add flavor to the textures of your nail.
It’s an unusual but cool to have sequins or glitters full over the nail.
KADS Stamping Plate Nature 046
KADS Gel Polish 14C, 81C, 92C, 114C, K207
KADS Pearlescent Stamping PolishZ13
KADS Hexagon Sequin Nail Powder Meadow Green
KADS Hexagon Big Piece Sequin Nail Powder Golden
KADS Gel Polish 29C, K143
KADS High Gloss Glitter Nail Powder Green, Gold

【You could also make a niche nail with vibrant and vigorous colors】

Look at the coolest combination of hot pink and mirror powder in these two designs below. Nothing is off-limits!
KADS Gel Nail Polish 25C, 40C
KADS Eggshell Gel Nail Polish K206
KADS Mirror Powder Cushion Pen 05
KADS Nail Decoration Steel Ball
KADS Nail Decoration Soft Ceramic Pieces
KADS Gel Nail Polish 11C, 34C, 100C
KADS Mirror Powder Cushion Pen 06
KADS High Gloss Glitter Nail Powder Pale Blue
KADS Nail Decorations
When it comes to color, black is without doubt the coolest among all those shades.
Black could bring a strong impact,
especially when combined with glitter powder or mirror powder,
as these two designs below.

KADS Gel Polish 40C
KADS Mirror Powder Cushion Pen 01
KADS Nail Decorations
KADS Silver Foil

KADS Nail Sticker
KADS Gel Polish 40C
KADS Mirror Powder Cushion Pen 04
KADS Nail Decorations
Another special shade that has kept attracting attention is Klein Blue,
a color defiant and untamed for its high saturation and its peculiar style.
Use it as the base color as the first design below or decorative dots as the second,
are you ready to have yourself an unique Klein Blue nails?

KADS Gel Polish 100C
KADS Laser Nail Powder Silver
KADS Nail Decorations

KADS Gel Polish 92C, 100C 

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