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Holiday Nail Ideas『KADS Nail Art』

Holiday Nail Ideas

Do we have the time to experiment with nail art other than the holidays? For holidays, it is always a “must” to prepare yourself with a set of fresh new nails. From simple to complex, there is always a nail look that suits you into style. Here we have 10 types of festive ideas that are guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit. You could always obtain inspirations with KADS products.


1. Mirror Powder Nails

Mirror Powder Nails are always a go-to during the holidays. A combo of shine and nail decorations like pearl or rhinestone, will make us happy just looking at it. You could be elegant with rose or butterfly, and be really cool with black when you want to change a mood.

 KADS Nail Sticker KPL 018
KADS Gel Polish K207
KADS Two in One Stamping Polish C01
KADS Mirror Powder 11
KADS Nail Decorations

KADS Gel Polish 90Q
KADS Mirror Powder 01, 05
KADS Nail Decorations

KADS Stamping Plate Nature 044
KADS Two in One Stamping Polish C24
KADS Gel Polish 18C
KADS Mirror Powder 07

KADS Gel Polish 40C
KADS Mirror Powder Cushion Pen 01
KADS Nail Decorations

2. French Nails

The classic French Nail is a look that is sophisticated and timeless. It is easy to create with little effort, but it is also the perfect look for various occasions, from casual to formal. However, there are many modern variations with various tips, like this one below. The interesting use of Chinese style stamping plate adds fun to the French line.
KADS Stamping Plate MIN 028
KADS Stamping Polish 11, 29
KADS Gel Polish K169
KADS Two in One Stamping Polish C17
KADS Nail Polish Gold
KADS Jelly Polish Cloud Dancer

3. Rhinestone Nails

Can’t decide between a nude nail and something a little extra? Try the mix of a clean base and a rhinestone glued onto the center of it, perfect manicure for holiday. For those who could not resist rhinestones, check these following designs!
KADS Gel Polish 40C, K139
KADS Nail Decorations
KADS Nail Foil Gold
KADS Mirror Powder 2
KADS High Gloss Glitter Powder 01

KADS Gel Polish 40C, 61L, 73C, K198, K224, K225
KADS Nail Foil Gold
KADS Solid Two Color Mirror Powder 05
KADS Starry Sky Nail Transfer Sticker
KADS Nail Decorations

4. Colorful Nails

Isn’t it interesting to play with multiple colors, matching them and turning them into a harmonious whole? Nails with vibrant and vigorous colors are extremely suitable for holiday outings!
KADS Stamping Plate Fashion 050
KADS Two in One Stamping Polish C01, C02
KADS Gel Polish 09, 10, 27C, 114, 92

KADS Stamping Plate Nature 038
KADS Gel Polish 26C, 98C, 104
KADS Two in One Stamping Polish C01
KADS Jelly Polish Cedar Green

KADS Jelly Polish: 
Moonless Night, Martini Olive, Cedar Green, Emerald, Galaxy Blue,
Cherry Tomato, Spicy Orange, Bright Marigold, Living Coral, Lemon Zest

KADS Gel Polish 34C, 36C, 50L, 113C, K207​​

5. Blush Nails

Blush Nails is like a pink blush appearing on your nail. Super cute to wear and pretty easy to learn. You are fully ready for a holiday nail when decorate it with nail stickers or nail pearl!

KADS Nail Sticker KPL 015
KADS Gel Polish K207

KADS Gel Polish 06C、39C、81C、91L、K207
KADS Mirror Powder Purple-Yellow

KADS Gel Polish K140
KADS Nail Decorations

6. Flower Nails

In a spring season like now, one can never get enough of flowers! If you have never tried it before, seize the day and make your own flower nails!
KADS Stamping Plate Flower 052
KADS Two in One Stamping Polish C01, C28, C37, C38
KADS Stamping Polish 06

7. Gradient Nails
Like the champagne of nail art, a wash of colorful ombré is simple but effective. Try adding some patterns with stamping plate, adding more fun to it.
KADS Stamping Plate Christmas 015
KADS Two in One Stamping Polish C01, C18
KADS Nail Polish 17
KADS Flakie Top Coat Fairy Dream

KADS Stamping Plate Flower 047
KADS Two in One Stamping Polish C05, C15, C22
KADS Flakie Top Coat Fairy Dream
KADS Nail Polish 15

8. Reflective Nail

Reflective gel nails have always been popular and there are plenty designs to choose, from elegant mono shade, to trendy high voltage colors. You could always find one that suits your style!

KADS Jelly Gel Polish K222
KADS Sand Gel Polish K217
KADS Nail Rhinestones

KADS Reflective Glitter Gel K226
KADS Gel Polish 92C
KADS Nail Decorations

KADS Reflective Glitter Gel K217
KADS Gel Polish 92C
KADS Nail Decorations

9. Fruit Nails
Check KADS Nail Stickers and KADS Stamping Plates, there are various fruits you may need for a fruit nail. Prepare the base with the same color of your fruit, and your fruit nails are done!

KADS Stamping Polish 11
KADS Jelly Polish Grape Leaf, Cloud Dancer

KADS Gel Polish 13C
KADS Sand Gel Polish K205

KADS Gel Polish K207
KADS Jelly Polish Bright Marigold, Spicy Orange

KADS Two in One Stamping Polish C01, C37
KADS Stamping Polish 25

10. Cute Nails

Do your nail with KADS Zoo series and Immaturity series, there are multiple cute images like animals, ice cream and chocolate. Be prepared to be stopped on the street one hundred times a day to the sounds of "ooh!" and "ahh!" and "so cuteeeee!"

KADS Gel Polish 07, 10, 22C, 23C, 27C, 33C, 40C, 65, 92C, 100, 114

KADS Gel Polish 40C, 79C, 85C
KADS Sand Gel Polish K204

KADS Stamping Plate ZOO 011
KADS Two in One Stamping Polish C26, C27, C29, C33, C38
KADS Stamping Polish 13
KADS Gel Polish 19C

KADS Stamping Plate ZOO 019
KADS Jelly Polish Cloud Dancer
KADS Two in One Stamping Polish C01, C02, C15, C37, C38, C39
KADS Stamping Polish 08


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