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By KADS | 14 June 2022 | 0 Comments

40 Shades of KADS Dipping Powder- Part Four

KADS Dipping Powders
Part Four

Glam up your nails with KADS Nail Dipping Powder, with options up to 40 shades. 
Regular, glitter, shimmer, sequin, KADS has them all! 
Go our website and check these stunning colored dipping powders of various textures! 

For this page, we are going to share four looks using 9 shades in total. Come and enjoy!

Look One

Purple always stands for grandeur and mystery, especially when paired with glitters and ivory

KADS Nail Dipping Powder · 04 Pansy

KADS Nail Dipping Powder · 09 Buff Orange Glitters

KADS Nail Dipping Powder · 31 Ivory

Orange glitters adds more charms to this purple look, so stunning and so gorgeous

Look Two

Young and energetic, the unexpected match of pastel and neon

KADS Nail Dipping Powder · 17 Pastel Pink 

KADS Nail Dipping Powder · 08 Quartz Pink

KADS Nail Dipping Powder · 32 Neon Yellow

KADS Nail Dipping Powder · 05 Magenta

Vibrant neon and soft pink, with a touch of magenta, looking fresh and lively

Look Three

Contrasting colors as blue and red, extremely eye-catching and absolutely stunning

KADS Nail Dipping Powder · 23 Denim Blue

KADS Nail Dipping Powder · 03 Coral Red

Sophisticated yet stylish, an attention-grabbing color combo that shall be neglected by no one

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